My name is Erwyn (Izaaek) Joziasse, I am a student at ArtEZ University of the Arts, where I am currently studying Graphic Design. Next to this, I also take on some small commissions from start-ups and businesses.

Commissioned work

Together with Koudekerke Dishoek, we found out the old website didn't meet the requirements we set for the webpage. We made a list with important aspects visitors should be albo to find online, and together we create a whole new website, featuring a interactive map of the two towns.

Created a new identity inspired upon the old.
Creation and webmaster of Koudekerke Dishoek
Yearly flyer with map of Koudekerke & Dishoek, aimed at tourism.

When started working with Koudekerke Dishoek, I took on the portfolio from Anne Kluijfhout (Buro 89).
Yearly flyer with map of Koudekerke & Dishoek, aimed at tourism.
Webmaster for old version of Koudekerke Dishoek

label and flyer design for 'Weizen Bikkel Bier'

Commissioned by non-profit foundation Ride4Kids: team Zeeland, and

Logo/corporate identity for KRUIDINN, Herboriste Yolanda de Vlugt.

Logo/corporate identity revision for Grip krijgen op.

Logo/corporate identity and website for Moesbosch

Logo/corporate identity and website for Mariska Hulsewé
In collaboration with Marijn Hulsewé, Kate Konovalova and Marieke van Vulpen.

Work made at ArtEZ

The Gaunt Cloak, how one image can cover up.

I discovered Disneyland Park Paris keeps using the same image over and over on their social media accounts, so I decided to use these images in a project regarding Disney covering up bad advertising for their theme park.

Installation: Projection on triplex, 1920 × 1080, 5 min. 30 sec.
Video not available online due to copyright.

Click here for english subtitles

'Getekend Landschap'

Een 7 minuten durende documentaire over de ringwalburgen op Walcheren, Zeeland.

Video: 1920 x 1080, 7 min. 37 sec.

Perfect DNA

While watching a documentary about 'designer DNA' on NETFLIX, I discovered that creating the perfect baby wasn't far from happening. All technology needed to do so exist allready. With this project I let people Design their own baby/child in a sims like way, and afterwards let them fill in a form with questions why they designed their baby in this specific way, the outcome was quite interesting.
As a reaction on these findings, I created a waiting room for a clinic specialized in making your perfect baby, including samples of eyecolour (glass eyes) and multiple hair swatches.

Installation: Table with different eye/hair colour swatches and a timelaps video of a baby being designed, 1920 × 1080, 2 min. 11 sec.

Roman Lettering

For this assignment, we as a class made a book containing articles with typography as theme. My section, Roman Lettering, is part of a book by L.C. Evetts. In which he discribes the Trajan Collumn, Rome, in detail.
For the design of my 16 pages, I made a timeline of the font (on the column) being used through time. 113 AD, 1470 AD - 1600 AD, 1989 AD, 2012 AD. With its respective time based design. In the margins I added some information about that time, and why I choose to represent it in the pages. Also the fonts used are described.

Book: 17 x 24 cm, grayscale.

Poster contest 3sec gallery The Hague/Breda.

Theme: Reclaim the Streets.

Exhibition date: 29-06-18 04-09-18

Poster: A0, full color, textile.

War Paintings,

Award winning newspaper photos, made in war zones and conflict areas, painted with black and gray paint on A3 paper to conflict even more emotion and a different focus point than on the original photos.

Paintings on paper: 18 x A2, black and grey paint.

For this assignment we had to alter an allready existing (2D)animation, I ended up making it into a 3Demensional animation, which resebles a constalation. Made in 'Processing'

Ruimtekoers 2017, Kronenburg.
In collaboration with Amber Verheijen

"WIE DENK JE WEL NIET WIE JE ZIET" (Who do you think you see)
"WIE DENK JE WEL NIET WIE JE BENT" (Who do you think you are)

The two booklets were made by Amber Verheijen and Erwyn Joziasse
The booklets draw attention to prejudices, purely based on appearance.

The first book "WIE DENK JE WEL NIET WIE JE ZIET", contains images of people you see everyday on the street, over whom you probabbly have a prejudice.

The second book "WIE DENK JE WEL NIET WIE JE BENT", contains the prejudices people on the street gave the drawings of the people. Go through them, you may even recognize yourself...

Character Club book, GD typography ArtEZ 2017/2018.
O section, by Erwyn Izaaek Joziasse.

Urban Patterns

Contast between the old and new. completely taken out of context and put back into a new.

Book: A3, full color, textured paper.
Poster: 2x A0, full color, matt print.



For my work I try to keep things close, and work with personal interests. My topics often emerge from my social media feed, which is a combination of things I like and things social media think I will like. For example, I have always liked the visuals of historical artefacts and maps. So for my design, I often grasp back on what once was. The theme in my design is often history, in which I love to research and implement this research into visuals. This for instance lead to me working on my short documentary, about the history of the island I grew up on, for the redesign of a book by L.C. Evetts, Roman Lettering. And also in the logo I made for Kruid-Inn, which refers back to the old street signs of pharmacy in combination with botanical drawings.

Before I applied to ArtEZ University of the Arts in 2017, I grew up on the countryside in Zeeland, in a small village called Koudekerke. Here I have had my primary education. Here, the teachers used my 'art' works as an example for the other students.

Fast forward a few years later and I went to High school in Middelburg, Zeeland. Where I graduated from Higher General Secondary Education (havo) in July of 2017.

Since September 2017 I am a student at ArtEZ University of the Arts. For which I moved to Arnhem, Gelderland.

On July 8 2018 I registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK), and I started working as freelancer/entrepreneur, at my own Studio at home (Arnhem).